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Conduct a Market Survey of Ginger together with Experts from JCAM AGRI. CO., LTD.

2020-01-02 16:11:011595

Qingdao Haidelong paid a visit to local dealers and outstanding retail stores in Weifang City, Shandong together with Sekiguchi, Director of JCAM AGRI. CO., LTD. and Zhang Chao, Manager of Marubeni Corporation. They mainly learned the sales situation of ginger market this year, and discussed the current situation and future development trend of ginger market.

JCAM AGRI. CO., LTD. focused on producing special fertilizers for crops, and has been constantly updating its products. During their visit, they met local users of Meisite and learned about current challenges in ginger cultivation and some new cultivation modes.

Director Sekiguchi explained in detail the advantages of product technology and appearance updates for farmers, and indicated to everyone that JCAM AGRI. CO., LTD. would strictly control product quality and safety and continue to provide better products to everyone. Thank you for your support.